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Recruitment and Retention of Resource Families

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For Child Welfare Professionals

  • Tips, Tools, and Trends: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & Market Segmentation 
    Market segmentation and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are tools that allow child welfare agencies to better understand and visualize the spatial distribution of consumer driven data in maps.  This document, part of the Tips, Tools, & Trends series from the National Resource Center for Child Welfare Data & Technology (NRCCWDT), provides information about market segmentation and GIS and how these tools can be utilized by agencies in recruiting foster and adoptive parents. (2013)
  • Building Successful Resource Families: A Guide for Public Agencies
    For nearly two decades, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has worked with a range of city and state human service departments to promote child welfare reform. While each jurisdiction has presented unique challenges, finding and keeping high-quality resource families has been a common struggle. These challenges include short supply, lack of appropriate support and training, and the need for a systematic approach to building capacity in this important area. The goal of this Annie E. Casey guide is to leverage their experience with different jurisdictions by sharing information and encouraging the use of best practices in working with resource families. Additional resources (Appendices 1-28 and Role Cards) are available for download.  The guide was authored by Denise Goodman, Ph.D. and Frank Steinfield. (February 2012)
  • Increasing Your Agency’s Capacity to Respond to Prospective Parents and Prepare Older Youth for Adoption: Going Beyond Recruitment for 14 to 16 Year Olds 
    This resource from AdoptUSKids is intended to help support agencies in recruiting adoptive parents for 14 to 16 year olds in foster care. It provides agencies with useful tools to inform their work and to be shared with prospective adoptive parents who are considering adopting older youth. The packet contains the following sections: Working Within and Across Systems to Promote Permanency for Older Youth; Exploring Family Characteristics that Contribute to Successful Older Youth Adoption; Helping Prospective Parents Consider and Prepare for Adopting Older Youth; Using Preparation of Prospective Parents to Address Older Youth Adoption Topics; Providing Valuable Tools and Information to Empower Families Adopting Older Youth; Preparing Older Youth for Adoption; and, Strategies to Help Older Youth Consider Adoption. (2012)
  • Diligent Recruitment Navigator 
    The National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment (NRCDR) at AdoptUSKids offers a customizable tool to support States, Tribes, and Territories in developing comprehensive, multi-faceted Diligent Recruitment programs. The NRCDR’s Diligent Recruitment Navigator is customizable, with information tailored to address the unique structure and considerations of an individual child welfare system.  It provides detailed questions for discussion during Diligent Recruitment planning and offers customized suggestions for colleagues and stakeholders to include in Diligent Recruitment planning. 
  • What is Diligent Recruitment? 
    This tip sheet from the National Resource Center for Diligent Recruitment at AdoptUSKids provides a list of elements to include in a comprehensive, multi-faceted diligent recruitment plan and program.


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