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The Training and Technical Assistance division of the The National Center for Child Welfare Excellence s is responsible for providing on and off-site technical assistance to public, private, and Tribal child welfare agencies around issues related to the provision of quality child welfare services for children, youth, and families.

Our work is currently prioritized toward providing technical assistance to States, Tribes, and US Territories to build capacity within the entity.

We also been exploring innovative ways to provide technical assistance through technology and new methodologies.  With the capacity to develop, produce, broadcast and archive Webcasts, Teleconferences, and Podcasts on subjects of interest in the field.

Our NCCWE staff and consultants - provide individualized assessments of needs, explore initiatives already in place, and strategically work with child welfare agencies to tailor our services to address and sustain changes needed, building capacity in every case.

For more information, please contact Dr. Gerald P. Mallon, NCCWE Executive Director, at gmallon@hunter.cuny.edu