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NCCWE Information Packs

Deportation and Child Welfare in Mixed Status Families with Unauthorized Parents and Citizen Children (May 2015)
By Norah Covarrubias & Alisa Hartman
Emotional and Psychological Well-Being of Children in Foster Care (May 2015)
By Shoshana Indyk
Expanding Health Insurance for Youth Aging Out of Foster CareĀ  (May 2015)
By Natalie Mendes
Foster Youth Attending College (May 2015)
By Sara Cohn and Rachel Kelly
Impact of Parental Incarceration and Child Welfare (May 2015)
By Stephanie Rosado
Latino Youth in the Child Welfare System (May 2015)
By Erica J. Salcedo
Pregnancy Prevention for Youth in Foster Care (May 2015)
By Caitlin Baer and Madeline Vasquez
Transgender Youth in Child Welfare Settings (May 2015)
By Priya Sikerwar and Erin Rider