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Training and Technical Assistance Strategies for Local, State and Territorial Jurisdictions Operating Child Welfare Systems

The Training and Technical Assistance division of the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence (NCCWE) is focused on providing on and off-site technical assistance to public, private, and Tribal child welfare agencies around issues related to the provision of quality child welfare services for children, youth, and families.

The NCCWE has the capacity with its nationally-informed, expert consultants and staff to respond to the needs of the federal government and to deliver a comprehensive array of "training and technical assistance" services designed to build the capacities of State and Territorial child welfare agencies to meet federal requirements, to participate in federal monitoring and related program improvement planning activities, to implement national child welfare policies and programs, to improve practice and service delivery, and to achieve safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes for children, youth, and families. States and Territories can connect with the NCCWE for expert-level subject matter expertise in the full continuum of child welfare practices. In addition, the NCCWE has an in-depth understanding of federal laws, funding, monitoring and requirements related to child welfare, including the Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) process.

The NCCWE has been exploring innovative ways to provide technical assistance through technology and new methodologies.  The NCCWE designs and deliver state-of-the-art, self-directed and group-based learning experiences, utilizing web-based e-learning platforms with components such as audio recordings, videos, automated training modules, interactive applications and/or instructional games to engage participants and achieve measurable gains in participant knowledge and skills;
The NCCWE has the capacity to develop, produce, broadcast and archive Web casts, Teleconferences, and Pod casts on a comprehensive array of child welfare topical areas designed to build the capacities of State and Territorial child welfare agencies.

Our NCCWE nationally informed expert staff and consultants, utilizing the latest implementation science approaches and evidence based/informed strategies, has capacity to develop assessment-driven, State-specific technical assistance work plans with clear outcomes and rationales for service delivery, and deliver individualized training, coaching, and consultation for every State.  The NCCWE has provided training and technical assistance and developed solid relationships with child welfare leaders in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Additionally, the NCCWE has positive relationships and collaborated with all ten federal ACF Regional Offices.

The NCCWE has organizational capacity to synthesize information from a variety of sources, including but not limited to the Child and Family Services Plan and/or Annual Progress and Services Report, Child and Family Services Review-related documents and reports, materials related to other Federal reviews, CB-generated data profiles, title IV-E waiver demonstration plans and related materials, formula grant plans, discretionary grant work plans and reports, CBCAP applications, Court Improvement Program plans and other sources to systematically assess the needs of public child welfare agencies for all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

The NCCWE has the capacity to train and deliver technical assistance in a full continuum of child welfare practices including child maltreatment.  Our T & TA reflects a comprehensive knowledge of practice and administration within local, state and national public child welfare agencies. The NCCWE delivers credible, expert-level training and coaching on a full range of child welfare topics and practice issues to senior child welfare professionals in management and leadership positions to build their knowledge, skills, and peer networking.