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Gerald P. Mallon, D.S.W.,  Julia Lathrop Professor of Child Welfare and Executive Director of the National Center for Child Welfare Excellence; Co Chair of Child Welfare: Children, Youth, and Families Field of Practice
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare; Policy Development and Analysis with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People and Practice with Children, Youth, and Families
Robert Abramovitz, M.D., Distinguished Lecturer and  Co-Director of the National Center for Social Work Trauma Education and Workforce Development 
Areas of Expertise: Child Trauma; Impact of Adversity: Violence, Poverty, and Racism on Individuals, Communities, and Organizations; Individual and Community Resilience; Field Effectiveness Studies of Innovative Service Programs; Academic/Community Research Partnerships; and Effects of Media on Children 
Samuel R. Aymer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 
Areas of Expertise: Intimate Partner Abuse; Trauma/Community Violence; Mental Health/Clinical Practice; Application of Psychodynamic Theories in Clinical Practice with Diverse Client Populations; and Clinical Practice with Men and Adolescent Males
Stephen Burghardt, Ph.D., Professor
Areas of Expertise: Organizational change; neighborhood-based collaborations; and Leadership development 
Patricia L. Dempsey, D.S.W., Associate Professor 
Areas of Expertise: Child Abuse and Neglect Treatment and Prevention; Adolescent Partner Violence; Teen Pregnancy and Prevention; Clinical Practice with Urban Youth and Families; and Adolescent Sexuality

Diane DePanfilis, PhD, MSW., Moses Distinguished Visiting Professor 
Areas of Expertise: Child Protection; Implementation Science; Dr. DePanfilis is particularly interested in ways to bridge the gap between research, policy, and practice. 

Sarah-Jane Dodd, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Social Work Ethics; Social Welfare Policy; LGBT Policy and Practice Issues; Practice-Based Research; and Program Evaluation
Ilze Earner, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare and Immigration
Colleen Henry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare Policy & Practice
Colleen Katz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Areas of Expertise: Child Maltreatment and Foster Care Involvement
Marina Lalayants, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Co Chair of Child Welfare: Children, Youth, and Families Field of Practice Areas of Expertise: Child Welfare in Developing Countries; Case Consultation in Child Protection; Organizational Management; and Program Evaluation