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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the new National Center for Child Welfare Excellence (NCCWE) at the Silberman School of Social Work.  Our goal is to use our web site to share information about our projects and activities – including our education and training programs, technical assistance, research and evaluation and best practice services. We are actively involved in providing educational internships to MSW  students in public child welfare agencies; training workers, supervisors, and program managers across the state of New York and the Tri-State area and  working with our partners at NYC Children's Services, New York State's Office of Children and Family Services and the U.S Children's Bureau to implement methods for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of child welfare services; joining with other partners to evaluate the process and outcomes of Projects in New York City and other programs, and to help community based agencies in design and implement methods for evaluating their outcomes.  Besides sharing the results of our research in peer reviewed journals, we disseminate information at major national and international conferences and through reports that we release on our web site through our NCCWE Weekly Update. 

This has been a great  year filled with innovation and exciting opportunities for the many faculty, staff, and students associated with the Center.  

We hope you enjoy learning more about us and hope that you come to visit us when you are in New York City.

With Best Regards,

Gerald P. Mallon, DSW
Julia Lathrop Professor of Child Welfare
Executive Director, NCCWE