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Traumatic Stress in Children - January 8, 2008
Listen to Audio File Part 1
Listening time: 46 minutes
Welcome and Introductions
Gerald P. Mallon, Executive Director, NRCPFC

Overview of Traumatic Stress in Children; Multiple Trauma Effects; Basic Approaches to Treatment
April Naturale, MSW, LCSW, ACSW Disaster Mental Health Management & Training

Listen to Audio File Part 2
Listening time: 11 minutes
State Example
Robin Gurwitch, PhD
University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
Listen to Audio File Part 3
Listening time: 22 minutes
State Example
Toni Q. Bankston, L.C.S.W.
Director, Mental Health Services
Baton Rouge Children's Health Project
LSU Health Sciences/Dept of Pediatrics/Children's Health Fund
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April Naturale

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Trauma-Informed Child Welfare Practice