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Program Area: Engagement Strategies

Graham Windham
is the nation's longest serving non-sectarian child welfare agency, providing close to 20 programs at 10 sites to 4,500 children and their families. The "Forever Families" program is intended to to provide extended after-care and after-adoption support services to families to decrease the incidence of re-entry into care and broken adoptions. A grant to launch the "Forever Families" program, and to hire and train Adoption and Reunification Peer Supporters and a therapist, and a two-year grant to NCCWE for program evaluation.

Children's Village, a charity founded in 1891, serves approximately 10,000 children and families each year at locations in the New York metropolitan area and mid-Hudson Valley.  Its Adoption/Foster Care Department serves 400 children yearly, working toward reunification, adoption, or permanent adult relationships. The "Family Finding Unit" is specifically dedicated to innovative efforts to identify and contact a foster child's extended family and historical connections, with the hope that this process may lead to permanent resources for a youth as he moves through the foster care system and transitions to adulthood; and a two-year grant to NCCWE for program evaluation.

Program Area: Youth Advocacy

(Fostering Advocacy Change and Empowerment) Project. FACE’s mission as determined by the young people, empowers youth to advocate for themselves and change legislation that directly affect their lives, so youth receive the support needed to become healthy and vibrant adults. Their vision is to provide every New York State foster youth with a safe platform to be heard, to advocate, and stay empowered. Membership is open to all current or former foster youth, ages 15 – 24 years.